Information systems are the new and essential internal tools to remain competitive with competitors. Plum Conseil accompanies the Information Systems Departments.

Our experts in the IT sector will help you to develop information systems within organizations. What we can do for you:

  • The alignment of the IS with the company’s strategy,
  • The prioritization and cost control of the project portfolio,
  • Taking into account the reliability and scalability of the IS.

The co-constructed master plans and the prioritization of projects are carried out in accordance to your economic environment.

The economic management of the IT department involves controlling costs and pooling systems and digitizing processes. Our experts assist you in the optimization of your processes:

  • The redefinition of the indicators adapted to the evolutions of the systems,
  • Renegotiation of contracts and licenses used,
  • Prioritization and pooling of IT projects.

The proposed improvements are followed up until a check-up of operational results.

Plum Conseil supports you in the operational success of your IT and digitalization projects, from conceptualization to production. Our consultants take in charge:

  • The drafting of tenders and a proposal from recognized providers,
  • The conduct of your choices between the contracting authority’s need and the technical and economic solutions of the DIS,
  • The support induced by the implementation of new Information Systems.

We do regular technical benchmarks allowing us to offer you the best solutions on the market for all processes (consolidation, accounting, expense reports, fixed asset management, etc.).