Plum Conseil supports the Finance Departments in the evolution of their business model for growth and value creation.

For companies, growth is accompanied by a detailed analysis of the market to achieve operational and financial synergies. We guide you to manage your growth operations:

  • Support for strategic development choices
  • Creation of financial synergies
  • Organisation and integration of new entrants

Plum Conseil brings experience and practice in the selection and management of your external consultants.

Financial management is the preferred area of Plum Conseil. We support you to guide performance:

  • Analysis to propose changes to the business model
  • Maintaining economic profitability and meeting objectives through the development of budgets and controling clusters
  • The implementation of good practices to ensure the integrity of financial information during closing cycles

We can support you in the optimization of your reports and the animation of all financial processes. 

The efficiency of the production of financial information in accordance with current financial standards is the concern of Plum Conseil:

  • Development of a method for producing financial information
  • Reorganization and / or transfer of financial services
  • Structuring and coordination of financial sectors

We propose to carry out missions, in synergy with your teams, to ensure the development and implementation of complementary tools and to optimize your organization’s accounting and financial systems.